Wyoming Community Foundation Supports Early Childhood Education

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The Children’s Discovery Center wants to thank the Wyoming Community Foundation of Sublette County and the Gayle McMurry Kinnison Endowment Fund for supporting early childhood education with a grant in the amount of $11,000 for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

The CDC strives to provide quality programs with certified staff at an affordable rate to the citizens in Sublette County enabling them to participate in the workforce with confidence that their children are in a safe, developmentally appropriate environment. Our early education programs provide students with an introduction to school establishing a positive association with the learning environment.
In addition to our preschool programming, community based programs are an essential part of our mission. It is our goal to continue our inter-generational program with the Sublette Center, our food and gardening program (including participation in the local Farmer’s Market), our literacy partnership with the Sublette County Library, Well’s Fargo’s Reading First Program, and our community arts programs. The community benefits from each of these programs and the students in particular, improve their opportunities for lifelong success, and gain a sense of belonging. Wyoming Community Foundation operating support, will be directed to program costs and used to address key infrastructure needs within the Children’s Discovery Center enabling us to fulfill our mission effectively. Our organization strives for continuous quality and improvement of our programs for our students and our community. The Children’s Discovery Center’s staff is dedicated to future success of our programs.

Thank you so much for your continued support, both our administration and families truly appreciate the WYCF’s generous support.

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