Weekly Meal & Snack Menu

Dec. 9th-Dec 13th, 2019 Menu




Breakfast: Cheerios and Raisins

Lunch: Whole wheat mac and cheese, seeds, carrots, and salad

Snack: Crackers and applesauce


Breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes and oranges

Lunch: Whole wheat cheese quesadilla, black beans, tomatoes, and salad

Snack: Pretzels and banana chips


Breakfast:  Roasted potatoes, and scrambled eggs

Lunch: Whole wheat dinner rolls, BBQ, peppers, and cucumbers

Snack: Veggies and ranch


Breakfast: Whole wheat waffles and berries

Lunch: Ham wraps, sunflower seeds, carrots, and broccoli

Snack: Cheese sticks and cuties


Breakfast: Fruit smoothies and sliced provolone cheese

Lunch: Chili, cornbread, tomatoes, and celery

Snack: Blue corn chips and salsa

Ideal family-style meals:

  • All the food is ready at the start of the meal.

  • Everyone sits down together.

  • The table looks great.

  • There are serving utensils for all the food.

  • Everyone is polite and waits to start eating until everyone is ready.

  • Food is passed from one person to another.

  • Everyone serves themselves (or with assistance)

  • There is plenty of food.

  • Everyone is happy and talking.

  • Develops independence.

  • Build self-esteem and confidence.

  • Develop healthy eating behaviors, such as trying new foods and making healthy food choices.

  • Children will also learn manners, and improve their social and language skills. 

  • Eat based on their hunger and fullness cues

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