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COVID-19 Donors

From the months of September 2019 – March 13th, 2020, the CDC served 41 children, 33 families. On March 23, the Children's Discovery Center was required to close its doors and on April 6th, the CDC was one of two childcare facilities in Pinedale to re-open its doors only for services to children of the ‘essential personnel’: serving 8 children maximum ages 2-8. During the month of April, we kept our Head Teacher and Executive Director on as full-time employees but had to temporarily lay off 4 employees during this time due to lack of income. On May 4th, the CDC was able to again, re-open its doors to all our families who needed childcare, which resulted in bringing back 35 students, as well as rehire 3 employees back to the school. On June 1st, our Summer Program began, as we are serving 56 children ages 2-7, along with 1 Executive Director, 1 Head Cook/Assistant Director, 4 full-time teachers.

Because of the closure, increase of cleaning supplies, and being unable to fill up a classroom, the CDC lost income. Our community really stepped up in a big way to help financially support Early Childcare Facilities, not only in Pinedale, or Sublette County but in the entire state of Wyoming. We are eternally thankful for that. Without donor funding, it’s impossible for any nonprofit organization to succeed in its mission, let alone survive.

And so, we want to recognize a few of these donors that helped us get back on our feet.

Anonymous donor: $8,000 for Operating Support and Tuition Assistance

Wyoming Community Foundation: $5,000 Operating Support and Tuition Assistance

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation: $2,000 Operating Support

Wyoming Kids First and DFS; $3,800 Operating Support

Wyoming Kids First (Wyoming Early Childhood Partnership): $10,000

Episcopal Church: $1,760 Tuition Assistance

CDC Family: $420 Tuition Assistance

Sublette MASKeteers: $131 Operating Support

Thank you!

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