Rocky Mountain Power provides funds for Summer Program

Our Summer Program provides an outdoor educational curriculum that allows children the opportunity to develop and fine-tune their aptitude for problem-solving, as well as overall emotional and intellectual development through exploration of nature. Our Summer Program is unique in that it addresses the vital need for ongoing educational experiences throughout the year and also meets the growing demand for out-of-home childcare during the summer months. These funds have allowed us to continue providing an educational summer experience for preschoolers in Sublette County. We thank the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation for its continued support over the years!

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The Children's Discovery Center is thankful to be receiving these funds in support of our fantastic Summer Program from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation! As the only non-profit preschool in Sublett

From the months of September 2019 – March 13th, 2020, the CDC served 41 children, 33 families. On March 23, the Children's Discovery Center was required to close its doors and on April 6th, the CDC wa