Allison Bolgiano

Executive Director

Allison joined the Children’s Discovery Center in the Fall of 2015 from Houston, Texas.  She worked as the Teacher of the Preschool class for almost 2 years before becoming the Director in the Summer of 2017. She has a BS in Communication Disorders in Speech-Language Pathology from Lamar University.

Allison is a nurturer as well as an educator, someone who encourages learning through exploration, and who understands the balance between what a student needs to feel safe and what they require to reach their potential.


Brianna Booth

Head Teacher (4-5 year olds)

Ms. Brianna believes in the magic and importance of child-centered, project-based education, allowing children to explore their interests to foster natural curiosity and a love of learning. She grew up with the Montessori theory and has eight years of experience working in educational programs.  In the classroom, Brianna especially enjoys integrating science and art activities, as well as exploring nature.  Ms. Brianna has a positive, friendly, energetic approach to all our daily adventures.

Brianna joined us in Fall 2014.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with friends, family, and her dogs, Kiah and Cooper.


Meranda Paulson

Teacher (2-3 year olds)

Ms. Meranda Paulson has lived in Pinedale for seventeen years. Meranda is married to John, her high school sweetheart. Together, they have two daughters, Shelbi is in her fifth year at UW and Darbie is a freshman in college at Black Hill State University. Children have always been a huge part of Meranda’s life. Meranda grew up helping her grandma with her daycare, and after having children of her own, she started teaching preschool. Meranda loves teaching and helping children learn. Meranda started her journey at the Children’s Discovery Center in July of 2018 and is excited to teach for the 2019-2020 school year!


Kalie Miles

Head Cook/Assistant Director

Ms. Kalie is thrilled when she gets to witness enthusiastic, imaginative, creative play unfolding alongside the wonder of discovery. Ms. Kalie is dedicated to creating an environment where each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. Supporting the whole child approach to learning, teaching, and community engagement through her work in the kitchen and the classroom. Ms. Kalie joined us in the Fall of 2014. She and her husband moved from South Dakota, and have lived in Pinedale since 2011. Kalie and her husband two kids, a daughter, and a son.


Anna Sandoval

Preschool Teacher (3-4 year olds)

Ms. Anna grew up in Alaska and moved to Pinedale in the Summer of 2015, after a year of traveling. She is recently married to, Ivan, and lives happily with furry children and her adopted daughter, Emmaline. Ms. Anna is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. She joined the CDC in the Fall of 2018 as our Preschool Teacher.


Charlsey Knezovich

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Charlsey started working at the CDC in August 2018. She has had the opportunity to work with kids of all ages and has eight years’ experience working in educational programs. Having been a camp counselor, she believes in the importance of hands-on learning and bringing the classroom outdoors. Ms. Charlsey loves to spend time outdoors with her family and pups, giving her baby girl experiences to cherish forever.

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