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Each year the Children’s Discovery Center chooses a volunteer of the year and attends the Cally’s Helping Hands Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The Appreciation Dinner is named for Cally McKee, who passed away in 2014. She was a mother, sister, colleague, and friend. She saw what was possible and made it happen. She encouraged us, supported us, and challenged us to dream bigger, plan better, and do more. Cally volunteered. Not because she had to, but because she wanted to. Her legacy will continue inspiring us to give back, pay it forward, and lend our helping hands wherever they are needed.

The Cally’s Helping Hands 2019 award goes to
Emily Paravicini
for her countless hours dedicated to helping the Children’s Discovery Center.

•  2018 Volunteer of the year: Meghann Smith  • 



The Children’s Discovery Center is happy to accept volunteers. We have flexible hours, a variety of opportunities from helping in the classroom to working outdoors in the garden.

Volunteering can give you new job experience, as well as a chance to contribute to your community. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills. 

All individuals who wish to volunteer must have a current Tuberculosis Test (TB test), and child abuse/neglect Central Registry check. Once the applicant has completed all the requirements the director and applicant will meet to discuss and file an agreement for hours and terms of volunteer service. Volunteers will not be eligible for unemployment and will not be financially reimbursed for their time. The Children’s Discovery Center reserves the right to refuse any applicant throughout the volunteer contract.

Volunteer Job Description

  1. Assist staff with both long and short-range activities in accordance with curriculum objectives, developmentally appropriate practice and program philosophy.

  2. Maintain a safe and healthy environment.

  3. Maintain confidentiality.

  4. Be dependable, punctual and maintain an acceptable attendance record.

  5. Maintain daily open and friendly relationships and communication with parents, co-workers, and students.

  6. Assist staff with keeping all appropriate records such as records, attendance and timesheets.

  7. Understand and follow Department of Family Services (DFS) licensing requirements, follow CDC policy and be subject to and respect the confidentiality of all aspects of the program.

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