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Music and Movement

Ms. Michelle

As part of our daily routine, following our play-based curriculum, our children participate in some form of Music and Movement activity daily, whether it is indoors, outdoors or both. Each month, our preschoolers will also focus on a certain song, or dance from another culture based on the continent we are focusing on.  
Our Movement and Music program consists of three parts:
1.    Once a month, our 3-4-year old group and the 4-5-year-old group participates in meditative Yoga and movement, with yoga instructor Alexis Casel. 


Yoga provides a basis for activities more akin to dance such as mirroring your partner and exploring positive and negative space. This type of activity seems therapeutic with children showing marked improvement in focus on all types of life activities.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

  • Refining flexibility and balance. Yoga poses have been shown to build muscle, increase flexibility, and develop balance. 

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety.

  • Developing concentration and focus.

  • Creating a Mind-Body Connection.

  • Encouraging Sense of Self, Community, and Teamwork.

2.    New this year we have started to new program with Arlaina Goddard.  She comes in once a week to teach Kindermusik to the whole school.

3.    Once a month our Pre-K Class goes over to the Library for Storytime with Jenn Burton.  Jenn reads stories, they dance and do yoga while over there.  


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