Inter-Generational Programs

Partnering with our local senior citizen nursing facility since 1997, the Sublette Center, our preschoolers, and the seniors combine together to form a fun and meaningful relationships, resulting in a magical way for kids and seniors to bond by creating art together.


Once a week, our 3-4-year-old group walks to the nearby Sublette Center to visit a handful of seniors who are eagerly waiting. The program was initially designed as an opportunity for our children to create art with the elderly so as to lessen the loneliness and isolation of life in a nursing facility. What started as music and craft workshop has evolved into therapeutic sessions for these elderly senior residents and we have witnessed art as a medium through which age and disabilities became secondary to developing relationships with the children.

In January 2020, the CDC started partnering with another center, Rendezvous Pointe, where we visit seniors, eat lunch and participate in hands-on activities. We hope to continue partnering for longer periods and more frequent visits in the future. 

Connecting our wisest and newest generations is something that we at the Children's Discovery Center and on behalf of the Sublette Center, feel honored to do for the residents, our students, and society.