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Summer Program

Our Summer Program provides an enriched outdoor educational curriculum that allows children the opportunity to develop and fine-tune their aptitude for problem-solving, in addition to overall emotional and intellectual development through exploration of nature. The CDC is the only non-profit preschool providing quality childcare year-round to students as young as age 2, which is critical as many parents' jobs do not stop in the summer. We seek to improve the quality of both early childhood teaching and learning, through the development of innovative curriculum, and research-based standards, in addition to the design of imaginative play materials and learning environments. In our Summer Program, we plan to: encourage physical health, social development and self-esteem, decrease ‘screen time’, continue to provide structure of a school setting (especially to our graduating preschoolers), to explore new interests, to offer nutritional food, and to allow students to build their confidence and increase emotional development.

Most of us spend a large chunk of our day seated, and indoors. At the CDC, it is our mission to introduce outdoor experiences to our preschoolers. The teaching staff at the CDC feels that it is important for our preschoolers to spend as much time as possible outside, as the outdoor classroom can be a powerful teaching tool. During the months on June, July, and August, there is a heavy focus on outdoor learning in our outdoor classroom, learning about various topics, such as weather, water, insects, Rendezvous, outdoor cooking, survival, and more!  With this variety of topics presented to our preschoolers in the summer months, we want our preschoolers to have hands-on experiences by visiting local businesses, organizations, and local destinations, and also to have guest speakers visit the school to enhance the learning of each topic. We gladly partner with over 15 guest speakers and organizations, throughout the summer. While at the school, students will participate in science projects; dissecting owl pellets, hatching butterflies, composting, and many more projects. 

For our Enrichment Programs, the CDC visits the Recycling Center weekly, has swim lessons with the PAC for 2 weeks, participates in rock climbing every other Friday also with the PAC, has a week long clay pottery class with local artist, Mae Orm of Pinedale Arts and Crafts, visits the seniors at the Sublette Center every other week, goes on nature walks and field trips every day between 2 groups of students, attends the Pinedale Farmer's Market every Thursday, and has Yoga lessons with Tillie every week. 

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water treatment
Rock Shop 2019
daniel fish hatchery
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Butterfly 2019
Clay Pottery 2019
Sommers Homestead
Field Trips 2019
Field Trips 2019 (2)
Sacred Rim Easy Pose 2019
Arlinda's House 2019
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