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Arts Education

We at the Children's Discovery Center LOVE the Arts! The CDC is thankful to have the support from the Wyoming Arts Council in helping us educate our future generations of the importance of Arts Education.

At our preschool, we engage in many forms of arts including (but not limited to): Inter-generational programs with the Sublette Center and Rendezvous Pointe, a daily dose of Music and Movement whether it is indoors, outdoors or both which consists of three parts: 1. meditative Yoga and movement, with yoga instructor Tillie Dibben, 2. WYLD Dance Studio with Anastasia Hamilton provides summer gymnastics lessons to our preschoolers once a week for an hour in our Summer Program. Additionally, the CDC provides transportation to students once a week for ballet and tap dance classes. This takes place from September to May. 3. Once a month Michelle Humber, local Children's Library Specialist and a musician visits our 2-3-year-old class, incorporating stories with music and movements. We also participate in Play-Based Curriculum and Cultural Learning -- Our school offers a dramatic play corner, stations with various activities using natural materials, and so much more. We gladly partner with various organizations in our community that allows us to provide a more hands-on experience for our preschoolers. We also learn about a continent each month, focusing on cultural awareness. STEAM, Literacy Program with the Sublette County Library in Pinedale, a nature-based Summer Program, and Art Classes with Mae Orm.

Thank you Wyoming Arts Council for your continued support!

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